The official narrative of 9/11 is a lie

What are the problems with the official narrative of 9/11?

What are some of the problems with the official narrative of 9/11? More and more people are questioning it. You see, it’s not that there is a problem with the official narrative. It’s that there are MANY problems.

The problem is not just that jet fuel can’t burn hot enough to melt the steel beams in the World Trade Center (WTC). It’s amazing that they would have us believe that two buildings fell perfectly from fires by two planes. Fires aren’t supposed to bring down steel frame buildings.

The problem is not just that the third building, Building 7, also fell perfectly without a plane even hitting it!

The problem is not just that a terrorist supposedly maneuvered and flew a commercial plane from very far away, flew so close to the ground as to clip poles, and struck a precise object on the ground like the Pentagon without assistance from the ground or guided navigation – an incredible feat – had flunked a flight test just a month earlier.

The problem is not just that the cell phone technology 18 years ago was not good enough to hold a call from so high and so long as was supposedly made on United 93 before it supposedly crashed into the dirt in Pennsylvania and mysteriously disintegrated.

The problem is not just that our military/NORAD couldn’t intercept the hijacked planes after they veered off course and flew many miles and many minutes to their targets.

So many problems like these are beyond a coincidence. And these are only a few. If you want to see a high quality video on more problems with 9/11 see

The official narrative is available in full at this government website:

THE BAD NEWS: On another subject, the Cabal is back at it. Such important offenders with very high connections like child sex slaver Jeffrey Epstein aren’t just accidentally allowed to commit suicide in jail. It figures that video footage outside of Epstein’s cell has been deemed “unusable” by authorities without further explanation. We may never really know what happened with Epstein either.

THE GOOD NEWS: The Franklin Square and Munson Fire District from Queens, New York, became the first legislative body in the country to officially support a new investigation into the events of 9/11:

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