The government is acknowledging UFOs/UAPs more. Here’s what they are saying.

Here are some cool facts about UFOs/UAPs that the government is starting to acknowledge more. Many people in the UFO community are very excited about this.

It was recently acknowledged that the Pentagon spent $22 million to study UFOs/UAPs under a program called The Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP). It was led by Luis Elizondo.

Luis Elizondo describes himself as a patriot who loves America and is very proud of the United States government. AATIP was initiated by then U.S. Senator Harry Reid (D-Nevada).

Two things greatly impressed Elizondo during his work in the AATIP:

  1. That UFOs — or the word the government prefers to use, “Unidentified Aerial Phenomena’s (UAPs)” — are very real. This is something to take very seriously.
  2. That parts of the US government are reluctant to acknowledge the seriousness of this, perhaps because of social stigma, or perhaps for other reasons.

For this reason he is now on a public mission to increase awareness of this issue with the organization ‘To The Stars Academy.’ He is still on good grounds with the government. He signed an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) and is speaking publicly about the things he can speak about, and not speaking about the things he can’t.

Three Releases by the US Government

Here are three videos that have been released by the US Government through To The Stars Academy. I believe this footage marks the first time the US Government has officially released footage of aerial phenomena that it cannot identify. This footage passed through official review by multiple government organizations.

Unfortunately this footage is only a portion of the records in possession, and it may not seem impressive to an untrained observer.

Interest Growing All Around

This subject is now being taken up people from all sides of the government:

From conservatives like Carlson Tucker.

From libertarians like Glenn Beck.

From liberals like John Podesta.

From Christians like L.A. Marzulli.

Here is a great presentation by Luis Elizondo himself where talks about the seriousness of this matter. You can hear it straight from him.

Here is another interview with yet another former Pentagon official, Chris Mellon, former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Intelligence and later for Security and Information Operations. Basically the Navy has updated it’s ways to report UFOs/UAPs.

This subject is even breaking into mainstream TV programming. To The Stars Academy is very pleased that the History channel will feature a new series about UFOs/UAPs in May.

What is the threat?

Luis Elizondo, director of the Pentagon’s program to study UAPs, just published an article saying: ‘In the case of unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP), there tend to be two schools of thought, either, “It must be a secret Government program” or “It’s aliens from outer space.” That’s why it’s so important that we strive to open our minds and consider the multitudes of possibilities that exist when it comes to the topic of UAPs.’ Indeed, the government’s acknowledgement of UFOs/UAPs does not necessarily imply the acknowledgement of aliens.

We already know that Elizondo is adamant that UAPs are real and that the threat is very serious. My guess reading between the lines of his recent article — and this is only my guess and personal interpretation — is that Elizondo believes that there are secret human organizations or corporations or factions within the government/military who are very dangerous and have extraordinary power and extraordinary technology, i.e., the Cabal; and that we aren’t in control of them.

My Personal Opinion

I believe that the UFO/UAP question is the link between ancient religious traditions and modern politics/science/technology/health care, etc. Mainstream culture would like us to believe that the universe is purely random and mechanical, and that there is no such thing as angels and demons. And it would also like us to believe we are totally alone.

However modern religious thought, which accepts the existence of these other beings, tends to be dualistic, and believes that the reality that angels and demons come from or fight in has no connection at all with our reality of time and space. But is this perspective correct? I would argue no. I think ancient Jewish and Christian culture was not as dualistic as it may be today.

2,000 years ago the Apostle Paul wrote, “For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.” (Eph 6:12, NIV).

Should “heavenly places” be interpreted literally — “up in the sky/space”?


  1. Not everyone in the UFO community endorses Luis Elizondo or anything sponsored by the government, but see them as just another elite power structure to be suspicious of.
  2. Some people believe that aliens are not necessarily beings from other planets, but interdimensional beings. For example, L.A. Marzulli suggests UFOs could belong to disembodied demons like the Nephilim that choose to manifest in these ways.

UPDATE 9/20/19:

I think a vast majority of reactions to this news will be, “Well, it’s probably just secret military technology.”

I’m going to take the position of “No, it’s not! Don’t reduce the importance of this news like that.”

We need to tell our politicians to take this seriously. Yes, maybe it is secret military technology — but not ours. Maybe’s it Chinese or Russian technology in our airspace that we can’t do anything about.

Or, what I personally believe, maybe it is technology from the military industrial complex, factions of our intelligence and military agencies that have become so secretive and so powerful that they have splintered off from our traditional power and accountability structure. These groups may have become more powerful than the US and world militaries they sell their products to.

And, yes, I also believe that aliens and/or other beings are here.

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